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Translatorum has been helping businesses around the world since 1997. Enterprises and organisations In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Luxemburg, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Algeria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and Belgium have been able to communicate better with customers in different markets.

I, Elisabeth Lundberg-Karlsson, am the founder of the company. I have always been a "word lover" and a language enthusiast who likes working with one of the greatest challenges around - producing writing that is readable and comprehensible for the target audience. 

Written communication is at least as important as the spoken word. A well-written text has a greater chance of communicating the right message than something written with little forethought.

After a career as a certified teacher in language, during which I continued to study part time at university, I again embarked on full-time studies. Following a two-year translator programme at the Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies (TÖI) I earned a master's degree in translation.

I have had the pleasure of translating several books, most of which have been about horses.

Seabiscuit - An American Legend


Laura Hillenbrand: Seabiscuit

Personality - A Cognitive Approach

Jo Brunas-Wagstaff: Personlighetspsykologi

Perfect Manners

Kelly Marks: Perfekt uppförande

From My Hands To Yours

Monty Roberts: Från mina händer till dina


Swedish Association of Professional Translators (ordinary memeber)

Translators' Centre

The Society for Guidance on Modern Swedish Usage


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